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During recent decades there has been an increasing focus on the environmental impact of farming. Also, organic farming has gained increasing interest as an environmentally friendly production system. When the world stared to focus on the cleaning environment farming we were the pioneers of this field.

Since 1998 we were major supplier for most of the Egyptian Organic (Herbs , Spices , Seeds , Honey , Essential Oil , Fruits, vegetables, Seeds)  exporters. Meanwhile we started to export our products worldwide in Europe, Australia, USA and Arab countries. our farms are constantly updated to run with the latest local and international standards. We are regularly inspected to ensure the highest possible purity standards.

It is mention worthy also that our products certified by NOP, Global g.a.p , JAS , EC 834/2007 and ISO 22000 as growers and producers of herbs and spices ,Seeds , Honey , Essential Oil , Fruits , Vegetables.

Our company is following hygiene and sanitation procedure as well as quality assurance system, to assure the minimum acceptable account in the bacteria without any pathogenic microbe test analysis activated are carried out to confirm the result.

We gained the experience in growing organic agriculture filed especially in the Organic (Herbs , Spices , Seeds , Honey , Essential Oil , Fruits, vegetables, Seeds). Also we gained experience in the processing, production, packing, and storage, dehydration which makes the final product presented in the high standard, ready to be shipped to all over the world and delivered with a high quality with a competitive prices.